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Top 5 FREE Company Name Generators 05/09/11

We here at How to Name a know there are almost as many company name generators online as there are hotdogs in a stadium, but we also know that many generators yield disappointing results for the entrepreneur who seeks a creative jump-start in naming a new business, product or website.

That’s why we’ve combed the Web for the best name generators out there. Here’s our tried-and-tested list of the Top 5 FREE Company Name Generators:

1. Name5Fish
If you’ve never heard of the game “Name 5 Fish,” just trust us when we say it involves coming up with names quickly. Really quickly. Consider that premise a promise from the site’s designers; and boy, do they deliver! You simply enter one or two words into the name generator and it goes fishing for a name idea. The results page is tidy and intuitive, grouping all domain suffixes for each name idea together for at-a-glance approval.

This is company-naming wizardry of the highest caliber. We were forehead-smacking stunned by the names this generator turned up when we searched for common keywords. BizNameWiz’s forte seems to be in coming up with words related to those you’ve entered into its search fields. It’s like there’s a little guy inside your laptop with a thesaurus and a magic wand, making catchy .com names appear out of thin air.

3. Wordlab Business Name Generator
K.I.S.S Keep it simple stupid.  You have to admire the simplicity of the naming generator at Wordlab. Most generators ask you to feed them a word or two and then they go to work. This site takes it down a notch, and asks you to click a button before it suggests company name ideas. You could play with this thing all day!  Go ahead. We dare you.

Panabee calls itself a “brainstorming engine,” but its chief purpose is to tell you if your own domain name idea or one made from your top two chosen keywords is available. Start here if you already have a website address in mind and want to check its availability with little fuss. If it’s not available, Panabee’s cute little panda-bee guide is eager to suggest alternate names.

5. Write Express / Naming Online
Another sophisticated name generator, Write Express is a great tool for the entrepreneur who seeks a rhyming name for his burgeoning company. Write Express is an ages-old approach to naming companies and products — because it works! How now, brown cow? Hickory, Dickory, Dock? You surely remember those childhood phrases easily, and potential clients will remember your company’s rhyming name easily, too.


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centro benessere May 31, 2011 Reply

Great info it is surely. My boss has been awaiting for this information.

Robert B June 15, 2011 Reply

Name 5 Fish is just bizarre man!

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