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44 Software Company Names – The Good, The Bad & The Behemoth 10/10/11

The Good:

When people are looking for software, they are looking for reliability,  simplicity and accessibility.  They want something that turns the complex   into the mundane. A software company name needs to convey that. Although some companies rise to the top regardless of their name, others have names that become synonymous with their success. Some of the top software companies in the world say everything with their names. Almost everyone knows Microsoft, IBM and Oracle. When you look at the fastest-growing software companies of 2010, many of them were named for success.

Vendormate – It’s like an old friend and a salesperson wrapped into one. It sounds helpful for anyone in the world of sales.

Salesforce – Like Vendormate, Salesforce is persuasive without being pushy. It’s a strong name, and it has momentum.

FastSpring – When trends change faster than you change your underwear, a name like FastSpring lets you know these guys are on top of things and stay up to date. There is nothing worse than working with a dinosaur of a program when everyone else is running at maximum efficiency.

WebCollage – These days, many companies do a little bit of everything. Using software to harness that ability is key in today’s world. The name WebCollage evokes a bringing together of random information in a meaningful way.

ServiceNow – Because we all want to get stuff done according to our own schedule.

3Cinteractive – It’s a little vague, but with a promise of interaction, you know you’ll have some control.

Conductor – Depending on your point of view, this means that either you get to be in charge of everything or they will take care of it for you. Either way, someone knowledgeable will be in control.

Visible Technologies – Because honesty, integrity and openness are key characteristics of any successful company. With Ponzi schemes and corrupt business ventures becoming somewhat of a norm, it’s reassuring to know this company is not hiding anything.

The Bad:

Even though the companies below appeared in Inc. Magazine’s list of the 5,000 fastest-growing software companies in 2010, their names probably didn’t get them there.

Vormittag Associates – When you first glance at the name of this company, you see the word “vomit,” which is not quite the first impression a company should make.

Spillman Technologies – This brings to mind a clumsy, blundering individual. Is this who you would want managing your intricate databases?

SpectorSoft – The name of this company somehow insinuates something phallic, but not in a good way.

Accusoft Pegasus – Again, the word “soft” doesn’t imply software with a strong infrastructure. This combination of Dungeons & Dragons geekery and flaccid computer lingo does not elicit a confident initial response.

Tenrox – Is this a forgotten dinosaur? Or just a description of what’s in the executives’ brains?

WebSideStory – This is a little too cute. Are they advertising software or show tunes?

The Behemoth:





Electronic Arts









Trend Micro





Red Hat

Open Text


Nexon Corporation


Square Enix


Check Point

Take Two Interactive


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