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Cleaning Company Names – 50 Squeaky Clean Examples 09/07/11

Cleaning companies need to corral chaos, scour dirt, and gain your confidence. Anyone who literally goes through your dirty laundry should have a respectable reputation and distaste for gossip. Sticky fingers need not apply.

The Good

Merry Maids – This is reminiscent of the birds flitting around in a Disney movie, singing in warbling soprano while tying ribbons on princess dresses and turning frogs into princes. Whistle while you work and all that. Picture a flock of happy little cleaners fluffing your pillows, feather-dusting your blinds, and chattering joyfully while you wave your magic wand.

Clean Sweep Cleaning Services – This one is more like a spoonful of sugar. It’s what you always wished you could do when your mom asked you to clean your room. Either they breeze through without evidence that they were ever there or they sweep everything under the rug. In either case, your house is spic and span when they leave.

Rug Doctor –Experts who can take care of the dirtiest part of your home? And they make house calls? Make an appointment today.

Americlean – This brings to mind sparkling, cherry-red Pontiacs driving through the suburbs in slow motion past twirling sprinklers and the tinkle of children’s laughter. Perfectly manicured lawns and picket fences provide the entryway to a dazzlingly immaculate home.

The Clean Genie – Hasn’t this always been one of your three wishes, at least since you turned 30? Imagine everything you could accomplish if you were not responsible for cleaning your own home. Now rub your lamp and make a wish.

The Dream Clean House – This name is what you get when you cross Americlean with The Clean Genie. Even your Stepford neighbor will be envious.

The Bad

Acme Cleaning Service – Whatever marketing consultant told this company to use the first letter of the alphabet so it would appear first in the yellow pages forgot the most important thing: people don’t use the yellow pages anymore. This type of generic name makes people groan and click the back button.
Maid to Order – Unless you’re ordering a bride from Russia or ordering a meal at a gourmet restaurant, this name doesn’t bring up the best connotations.

Carpets and Drapes – These days, no one really cares if they match.

Fancy Fingers Cleaning Company – While one hand is waving its fingers distractingly in front of your face, the other is digging through your coin purse or deftly maneuvering the combination to your safe.

Fish Window Cleaning – The words “fish” and “clean” just don’t go together in any language. Unless you’re cleaning a fish, in which case you should step outside and wear rubber gloves.

The Ones that Just Sound Like Movie Titles

The Maids – A bad horror flick

Euromaids – A bad porn flick

Dilla Maids – A bad horror/porn flick

Examples of Real Cleaning Company Names:

2 Moms Clean

2 Women Cleaning Services

78 Clean

A Affordable Cleaning

All City Cleaning Service

All Clean Home

Allied Cleaning Services

Barbaras Professional Cleaning Service

Beacon Industrial Services

Blue Chip Cleaning

Boat Bathers

Bucket N Broom

Budget Cleaners

Budget Janitorial Services

Clean Masters 911

Cleaning Doctor

Cleanr House

Colberts Unique Cleaning Service

Commercially Clean

Dalcare International

Denver Concierge

Duct Cleaning Services

Fast Clean Services

Father and Sons Cleaning

Friendly Cleaning Service

Great Green Cleaning

Great White Clean

Green Clean Services

Green Cleaning Services

Gulf Shores Cleaning

House Clean Team

Housekeeping Help

Integrity Janitorial Cleaning

Janatorial Cleaning Services, Inc.

Lux Cleaning Service

Maid Brigade

Maid Pro

Merry Maids

Midwest Pro Wash

Minit Maids

Mrs. Clean USA

My Dad’s Cleaning Services

Professional Cleaning Service

Qualified Mobile Cleaning Services

Reliable Cleaning Service

Royal Cleaning Services

Service Master Cleaning

Smiling Home Cleaning

Swab the Deck

Swift Cleaning

The Cleaning Authority

Trust Business Solution – a green cleaning company

Unique Cleaning Service

Unique Cleanings Service

Vagaurd Cleaning

Wall 2 Wall Cleaning Services

Well Done Cleaning

White Gloves Kleaning Service


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